Top 10 Most Highest Paying Jobs in India 2021

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Many times one question arises in our mind, which is the top 10 most highest paying jobs in India. There are many government and private jobs provides the highest salary, whether it is a student of science, arts or commerce stream. For this, one has to preparation very hard and wakes up interest behind it and get the highest paying jobs in India.

The biggest decision in students’ life is the career, upon which all future dependents. If you get wrong decision now will regret it for lifetime. Major problems in everyone’s life, parents want become doctor, engineer, lawyer, but the child’s dream is to achieve something else.

One thing always keeps in mind; join any job before knowing what are your hobbies, passion or skills. Then no lack of the world can stop getting best high paid jobs. Know prescribed top 10 highest paying jobs in India for fresher. By adopting it make a bright and delightful future.

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Know full information about top 10 highest paying jobs in India listed below-

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. CEO
  3. Civil Services
  4. Lawyer
  5. Company Secretary
  6. Actor
  7. Software Developer
  8. Commercial Pilots
  9. Merchant Navy
  10. Doctor

1. Chartered Accountant

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs. 5 to 25 LPA   

Chartered accountant is the one of the best highest paying jobs in India for fresher. It is also known as the name of CA. initially established in 1854 in Scotland  after 1920 recognized by the  name of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England, and it was founded in India 1949 .

CA is highly reputed and professional job in India. It is not easy career option in everyone’s life but any one becomes a CA, to them offers highest salary and great respects in career path. The demand of chartered accountants in public and government organizations is increasing every day.  

Chartered Accountants are always works in the various fields of business, finance, auditing, taxation, budget analyst and the helping with the money managements. The Whole world drives on money and every business, industry and bankers needs to manage their accounts with the help of Chartered accountants.

How to become Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountancy is generally considered for Commerce Stream students. But Science and Arts stream students are also pursue a career in the field of CA. Become a chartered accountant in India.  

Candidates must have qualified class 12th examination with 60% marks. After that one has to crack CPT (Common proficiency test) entrance exam with superior marks. Again registration for IPCC exam and  qualifying this exam.

Next, ITT and orientation training will have to be taken and last step crack CA final exams. after all the steps, you will become a successful chartered accountant. Then you can get the highest paying jobs in India or anywhere in the world.

2. CEO

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs.9.5 to 18 LPA 

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the higher authority senior employee in a company, no any employee over them and whatever they are follow their rule. If a company has to run, then lot of things required such as finance, employee, HR and operations in all to manage.  

The management is to drive a company, all  loads remain on the CEO, whatever is decision about the company takes the CEO itself. To become Chief Executive Officer, these five things are necessary in you i.e. passion, humility, encouraged, communication skills.  

There are some famous CEO of India which have made a name in the whole world except India i.e. Sundar Pichai (google), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe), Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo), Sanjay Kumar Jha (Motorola), Rakesh Kapoor (Reckitt).  

All these Indian salary is in millions, so CEO is highest paying jobs in India without a degree. If you want to make a career profession with salary, CEO is the best option for you.

How to become a CEO?

To become CEO, it is compulsory to qualify graduation from any streams, but candidates choose commerce subjects in graduation very help a lot to become CEO. After qualifying graduation take admission in master of business administration (MBA) course or equal postgraduate qualification.  

When built a career in the field MBA or equal postgraduate course, then you have to join a company and work with full dedication. Apart from this, you have to see better performance than any employee in the company, so that impression can increase. When working with full dedication, the day is not far when a big company will be known as CEO and the salary is in millions.  

Height paying jobs in India without degree yes, it’s possible but open own business, But the purpose is in business related things and keeping it interesting, how can manage a business then you can become CEO without any degree. It is not as easy steps in life as it sounds from the beginning, Will have to work very hard.

3. Civil services

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs. 6.73 to 29 LPA 

Want to do something in life that people come to you for help, then the best option to do a civil service job. Civil services are the one of the best highest paying government jobs in India. Every student and their parents dream of doing civil services, in this job getting more respect according to salary.  

Civil services are a nationwide competitive examination in India. It is organized by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for recruitment to various departments like, Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and Indian Revenue Service (IRS).


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Every year UPSC conducts civil services examination in three phases; Preliminary examination, Main and Interview. Before taking this exams understand whole syllabus and start preparation according to syllabus.   Crack the Civil Services Examination, necessary to be consistent and strong in each subject. After cracking civil services exams, get positions according to their ranking. Let’s talk about how to join civil services and acheive highest paying jobs in India.

How to join Civil Services?

Attempt in civil services exam must have qualify graduation in any subjects and the age of candidates not be more than 32 years. Apart from this, no any marks and subject requirements of class 12th, just candidates qualified graduation.   

Civil service exam preparation very hard and also has to be connected with the toppers of the previous year, besides you have to bring energy inside you so that you can complete every step in the civil service job. Every year more than one million candidates appear in the Civil Services Examination, out of which one thousand Candidates qualified. Now, realized how difficult exams but nothing difficult anything’s in life.  

4. Lawyer

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs. 5.12 to 20 LPA 

Everyone has a dream in life, reading and writing with which get a highest paying jobs in India. In such a situation, someone wants to become a doctor, engineer and teacher, but apart from this there are many jobs in life which can offers highest salary. The name of the lawyer is also written in golden letters for the highest paying jobs in India.  

A lawyer is also called an advocate, attorney, barrister, counselor or solicitor. Work of a lawyer is to plead with someone else in court or express that point of view on their behalf, justifying them with their best efforts. Both private and government advisors provide justice to their clients such as business, politicians, legal matters of individual citizens.  

How to become a Lawyer

Before becoming a lawyer, it is very important to know what LLB is. The Full form of LLB is Legume Baccalaureus and is a Latin word. This is a Bachelor degree do after graduation, know more about Indian law or want to pursue a career in the field, then LLB is the best option for you.  

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After class 12, becoming lawyer candidates must have aggregate 50 % marks. If do after graduation also aggregate 50% marks, maximum age limit of GEN caste 22 years and SC/ST 35 year. After all that, take admission in the LLB College for studying. When you finish studying well then you become a successful lawyer.  

A lawyer has to do a lot of trickery to get justice, liaison between the parties involved, preparing legal documents such as by-laws or litigation. Our clients get justice by presenting them in court with knowledge and discretion.  

5. Company Secretary

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs. 3 to 24 LPA   

Company Secretary (CS) is one of the most Glamour’s and highest paying jobs in India for fresher. It is a higher ranking job in a private company and public organisation. The course duration is four years, conducted by Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is constituted under an act parliament I.e. company secretary act 1980.  

Work of company secretary in the different field of businesses and keep records of all activities, tax returns.  A company secretary has responsibility to follow all the laws, rules and revolution in the organization or company that company should follow.  

CS courses provided expert knowledge that follow laws of companies. So a company acts as an advisor to secretaries or MDs, so that the directors and companies act in accordance with the law. Apart from this, Act as a link between holders, directors and different parties. To be successful in running a company one must have good communication skills to take admission in CS course.

How to become Company Secretary in India?

To become a company secretary, necessary to qualify class 12 exams whether any streams commerce, science or arts, and there is no any marks requirements. You can also become a company secretary after graduation.  

But become a CS after 12th standard, you have qualify three steps of exams considered i.e. foundation, executive and professional programmer. But after graduation you will have only qualify two exam i.e. executive and professional programmed. This exam is conducted twice a year. It is not a degree course; candidates can do graduation along with it.  

After clearing three steps, candidates can train 15 months in any company. When all the papers are cleared and the training also completes, then candidates can register you as a member of ICSI.

6. Actor

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs.20 to 30 LPA 

Many people dreamed since childhood that they will grow up to become actor or actress and have their name in the whole world. Actor or actress is high professional career option for fresher.  

Talking about salary, there is no fixed salary in it, all things depends on performance,  If performance is excellent, you may not even think how much money can achieve. When become an actor, apart from films, there are many opportunities through which can gain more money.  

Today, in the film Industries, one can demand 30 to 40 thousand rupees for a film in India. If acting in other country, then you can demand from 70 to 80 millions. For every advertisement and events also demand 1 to 2 millions, even with the biggest people of the world, there will be attachment.  

Apart from all these, become a successful actor/actress only when hard work and prepare to become an actor with patience. It is not as easy as it sounds easy, for this will have to face a lot of pain then become an actor or actress.  

How to become an Actor?

To learn acting many people think they have to go to Mumbai but they think wrong. Become an actor, one must first complete his studies and then to become an actor, it is necessary to get the right guidance. For this it is necessary to acquired to acting, singing, and dancing, to learn all this, join an acting school or get a lot of videos on YouTube, with the help of which you can learn.  

After learning acting, it is very important to have self grooming and feet body. After doing all this, prepare your profile because when sending the mail to the casting director, time is not wasted, after give the audition which will be in your city.  

When will there be an audition, information about it will be found through a lot of WhatsApp group, social media, website or mobile application. If selection is made during the audition, the final process will be to give a shortlisted audition. When all these stages go through, you become an actor.  

7. Software Developer

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs.3 to 15 LPA 

Software developers are the best option who have interested in the field of computers. Today’s era, technology is increasing day by day, so the demand of software developer also increases. As a software developer, pursue a career in the field of developing in India and other countries.  

Work of software developer, It’s known by the name that developing something. Developers create computer and mobile applications, that are accelerate on a computer, mobile or another devices. Also designing, managing any software programme and upgrading new systems in them.   When you become a software developer, then a big company hire to create and designing software programme.

Even if you have skills and a lot of superior knowledge, can also create your own software, which can offers more money from jobs that people like. Make a career in this field only when technology is obsessed with new things.  

Take any decision in life, choose the field in which you have interest, if want to become a software developer, then it’s necessary to adopt the right path with hard work.

How to Become a Software Developer?

Become a software developer, one has to complete Bachelor degree from any computer field like Bachelor of computer applications [BCA], Bachelor of computer science [BCS], Bachelor of information technology [BIT], Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] and Bachelor of Technology [B. Tech].  

Candidates qualify class 12th exams in any streams so; they are eligible for admission in bachelor degree courses for software developer. Must have learn computer programming language while doing bachelor’s degree I.e. C#, C++, Python, Java Script and Ruby etc.  


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To be a professional developer, English has to be very well and at the same time improve your logic. After that try to built software and give a fresher internship in any company, which will know how to make software. After all these processes, when you learn how to develop software properly.  

8. Commercial Pilot

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs.20 to 30 LPA   

Many people dreams flying in the sky like a birds, but their dream can be fulfilled by becoming a pilot. Commercial pilot is best professional career choice for fresher. It is one of the highest paid jobs in India in science field.  

The life of a commercial pilot is in the sky, but his salary equal to touching the sky. The life of thousand peoples in the hands of a pilot and the risk is too much. Salary of commercial pilot 15 to 20 lakes per years, But a helicopter pilots salary 10 to 12 lakes per year.  

Necessary to be physically and mentally fit to be a commercial pilot, even the eyesight should well-being.  Commercial pilot duration of one to two years.

The top recruiters companies in India are Air India, India Jet Airways, Alliance Air, Air Costa, Air India Charters Limited, Spice Jet, Indigo and Air Asia.  

How to become a Commercial Pilot?

The decision to become a commercial pilot can be taken any time after 12th or graduation. But For this, you have to join the flying school; there are some fulfilling criteria to join the flying school.  

Must have qualify class 12th exams in science streams with minimum 55% aggregate marks in physics, chemistry and math, This rule Applicable for both 12th and graduated students.  

There are many government and private flying schools in India which can take admission. To get admission, first of all crack three types of tests I.e.  Written test, interview and medical check-up, one can join flying school by completing these tests.  

When the flying school completes, then three types of certificates will be issued. First SPL [Students Pilot License]; these licenses will be issue during qualifying written exam, interview and medical check-up.  

Second PPL [Private Pilot License]; these license will be issued during seven hour flight will have to be completed. Third CPL [Commercial Pilot License]; will have to complete 210 hours of flight for this license. These three types of licenses will be provided after become a commercial pilot.

9. Merchant Navy

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs. 4.8 to 42 LPA   

Merchant navy is the best superior career option in young student’s life. It is one of the highest paying jobs in India. In merchant navy, you will have to spend your professional life on a sea and stay away from family for many days. If you want to protect your country or prefer to live in the open sky and love to roam, So it would be best option to pursue a career in this field.

The Merchant Navy is a commercial field. Work of merchant navy is import-export on a very large scale by the way of sea. It includes both private and government companies. which is a main means of transporting goods from one country to another, such as food, crude oil, electronic goods, traffic resources, etc. Sea route in India 90% import export is done by merchant navy employees. Therefore, the demand for a professional is increasing day by day.  

How to Join Merchant Navy?

To join the merchant navy, candidate must be between 16 to 25 years old and also unmarried. These highest paying jobs in India are for both male or female, Also must be physically correct, but disabled candidates cannot pursue a career in this field.  

Candidates can do this even after 10th, 12th or graduation. If you join after class 12th, then your salary will be very high. For this, necessary to secured 60% marks in (science field) Physics, Chemistry and Math subjects. If all of them eligibility criteria fulfill, they can easily join merchant navy.  

If you want to do after 12th, then the entrance exam of IMU CET (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test) will have to be qualified, after that admission will be given inside this university and then the final exam will be cracked and get the job of Merchant Navy.  

10. Doctor

Top 10 most Highest Paying Jobs in India

Salary Package: Rs. 4.8 to 28 LPA  

Want to do something in life, and then does something that people always remember you. The Dream of everyone peoples to work in such big position, which gets a lot of respect and salary. In today’s era, doctor is a best professional job in which to pursue a career. It is one of the most highest paying jobs in India in science field.

In the era, demand of the doctor is increasing day by day. Such a situation, to become a successful doctor one has to study well from the beginning as well as preparation hard. Becoming a doctor is not just a matter of everyone; you will have to spend a lot of money along with it.

Because, becoming a doctor is not an easy matter of everyone, it will cost a lot of money. If you want to become a doctor, make a goal for it and work hard from now on. When you finish the doctor’s studies, get highest paying jobs in India both private or government sectors or also open their own hospital. After all, you can work as a doctor in India or anywhere in the world.  

How to become a Doctor?

One can never decide to become a doctor, for this make goal. After cracking class 10th examination choose a biology subjects in 12th and aggregate at least 50% marks in every subjects. After all, to get admission in medical college, one has to qualify medical entrance exam at all India and state level.  

There are many entrance exam take admission in medical colleges. NEET will be the best option to take admission in medical colleges; the exam is done every year in the month of April. After qualifying the entrance examination, gets admission in medical colleges according their ranking.  

Many top courses in medical field like MBBS, BDS, BHMS and B.Sc etc. One can get the highest paying jobs in India or worldwide by taking admission in these courses.  


Here provided top 10 highest paying jobs in India. Includes government and private, in which by implementing a career, one can get the highest paying jobs in India. Noting achieved anything’s in the world without education.  

First of all study very well and think about career in a different way. After passing class 12th, students should not be confused, in such a situation, parents, and friends, neighbor, become a doctor or an engineer, but the students want to goes in some other field.  

Among the top 10 highest paying jobs in India, have your passion and interest in those jobs. Do one day and night to achieve that milestone.

Doesn’t let any other thoughts come to mind, always think about goals. Immerse your brain in the spirit of your nerves, if want to achieve something big in life.   Dream of something from the heart and do with full concentration, then no any villains in the world can stop from achieving your goals. I wish everyone achieve “top 10 highest playing jobs in India” and share this posts with friends.



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