Top 10 Best Professional Courses After 12th Science 2021

Top 10 Best Professional Courses After 12th Science

Which are the best professional courses after 12th Science, after clearing class 12th exams, this question arises in every student mind, in such a situation it is challenging to make the right decision in life.

According to your interest and passion, it is necessary to have guidance, giving the proper guidelines. Choose any decision in the life one can make with full power and dedication and get lots of opportunities in life.

According to today’s time, we will provide top 10 professional courses after 12th Science. One can work in both government and private sector by pursuing a career in this field after 12th, even opening your own business.

List of Professional Courses after 12th Science

Get all the information about the top 10 best professional courses after 12th Science (PCM and PCB)-

  1. Doctor
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Computer Applications
  4. Company Secretary
  5. Bachelor of Science in Fashion Designing
  6. Bachelor in Laws
  7. Commercial Pilot Course
  8. Physiotherapy Course
  9. B. Tech
  10. Hotel Management Course

1. Doctor

MBBS is one of the most trending professional courses after 12th Science for those aspirants who pursue a career in the medical sector.

The Full form of MBBS is “Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery”. It is an undergraduate degree courses after 12th Science streams aspirants.

After completing the MBBS course, you registered your name in India’s medical council (MCI) as a doctor and got a doctorate. Next, you can open your hospital, work as a government doctor in a big pharmaceutical company or big hospital.

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The duration of MBBS is 5.5 years (4.5 years academic education & 1-year internship). The average salary is 5 to 20 lakh per year, but it all depends on your skills and experiences.

If you become a successful doctor with good experience, then you will get a salary of crore.

How to get admission in an MBBS course after 12th Science?

Firstly, you should have cleared class 12th examination in Physics, Chemistry and Biology [ PCB ] from any recognized board with at least 50% marks.

The age limit must be between 17 to 25 years.  

When fulfilling these eligibility criteria, one has to clear NEET entrance exams conducted to get admission in MBBS programs. 

This exam is very tough, but after qualifying for the exam. The college will be allotted based on marks. After beating all these processes, one can do an MBBS course.

2. Civil Engineering

People will hear of many engineering courses, but civil engineering is the most popular courses after 12th Science.

It deals with the construction, designing, road railways, building, dams, bridges, highways, road mapping, and airports. Therefore, the demand for civil engineering increases day by day.

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The course duration of civil engineering is four years. The salary depends on your experience; if you work in the government sector, you can achieve approximately five to twenty LPA.

After doing this course, open their own business or get jobs in both government and private sector.

Want to study further after completing the civil engineering course, then take admission in post-graduation from civil engineering; it is often called the master of civil engineering. Not as easy as it seems, you should have a good grip on studies from the beginning. 

Admission Process in civil engineering courses after 12th Science?

Candidates must have qualified 12th exam from physics, chemistry, and math with at least 60% marks. To pursue a career in highly professional civil engineer courses after 12th Science, complete the B. Tech entrance exam like IIT and AIEEE, etc. 

These exams are challenging and are conducted twice a year. Every year more than ten lakh students appear in this exam but smart & intelligent can beat it.

When cleared the IIT or AIEEE entrance exam, candidates are eligible to get admission in colleges, which are taught about civil engineering programs.

3. Bachelor of Computer Applications

The Bachelor of computer applications (BCA) is three years undergraduate degree courses after 12th Science for students interested in computers and technology.

Pursue a career in this field; one can develop & design a mobile application, computer software, networking, web designing, and work in the IT sector.

After completing a BCA degree, get jobs in both government and private sector, even start your own business. Many companies hire BCA aspirants like Wipro, Infosys, Dell, Flipkart, Google, Mahindra, etc. 

BCA is the best option for those aspirants who are interested in the field of mobile technology, computer, and web designing. If you aren’t interested in this field, this career option is not for you because you do not have a good experience.

How to get admission in BCA Course after 12th Science?

To get admission to BCA College, candidates cleared the class 12th exam with science, Arts and commerce stream, but English as compulsory subjects.

After these eligibility criteria, admission to BCA College has two types; direct and entrance exam. Some colleges take a direct entry, and some take admission through entrance exams. 

Taking admission in BCA College, taught about Computer Basic, Networking, Website Development, Programming Language, etc., with six semesters and each completed in six months.

4. Company Secretary

A Company Secretary (CS) course conducted by the Institute of company secretaries of India (ICSI), and the duration is four years. CS is one of the best career options after 12th PCM for girls; often, boys also pursue careers in this field.  

After completing this course, one can have a bright future. After performing this course, Candidates can get a job as a secretary in any big company worldwide. It is the most prestigious and highest-paying job in India for freshers. 

Work of company secretary in the different field of businesses and keep records of all activities and tax returns files. It is a higher ranking job in private and public organizations.

CS has the authority to follow all the rules, laws, and revolution in the organization that a company should follow.

How to do a company secretary course after 12th science?

Company Secretary Programme after 12th, candidates, have cleared the intermediate exam in science stream, also can do commerce and arts streams.

After cleared class 12th exam, company secretary courses after 12th science have been divided into three parts;

  • Foundation Program
  • Executive Program
  • Professional Program

All these three programs will have to be cleared. Next, give fifteen months training in any company. After that, you will be known as the name of Company secretary.    

5. Bachelor of Science in Fashion Designing

Courses After 12th Science
Best Courses after 12th Science

Fashion designing is the most fashionable and professional courses after 12th Science in India. Many students have heard of fashion designing courses, but they do not precisely know how to pursue a career in this field.

The demands of fashion designers increase day by day in the film and industries sector. In such a situation, his salary is also in crores.

Courses after 12th Science other than engineering, fashion designing are the best options for you. It is a form of practical art that enhances our clothes, accessories, and lifestyle. After class 12th period of B.Sc in fashion, designing is three years. 

Higher education is not required to do a fashion designing course, but it is imperative to have good communication skills with artistic talent and creativity.

How to get admission in a B. Sc fashion designing course?

Candidates must have cleared intermediate or equivalent exams in any recognized board subjects with at least 50% marks.

Many colleges take direct admission, and some colleges by entrance exams. It will depend on the candidates what they want.

After taking admission in a fashion designing course, when you wish to continue further studies when the Bachelor’s degree is completed, take the postgraduate course from Fashion Design through MBA, MDS, MA, and M.Sc.  

6. Bachelor in Laws

The Bachelor in-laws (LLB) is three-year undergraduate degree courses after 12th Science for those aspirants who want to pursue a career in the field of legal Justice.

After a career in this field, one will be recognized as a lawyer, advocate, or legal advisor.

When completing the studies of LLB one can becomes a civil litigation lawyer, premier lawyer, criminal lawyer, and judge or college lecturer.

Demanding a successful lawyer increases both the private and government sector. The average annual salary of LLB aspirants approximately 6 to 10 LPA, the salary depends upon your ranking and positions.  

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Many top universities in India provides legal education for who become a successful lawyer:

  • University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • National School of Law, Bengaluru
  • National Law Institute, Delhi
  • Parul university, West Bangle
  • National university, Kolkata
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Processing of admission in bachelor in law

Candidates must have qualified 12th exam from any recognized board with at least 50% from any subjects.

But if candidates choose arts subjects in 12th, there will be more beneficial because there are many law studies in it. Apart from this, if you have a passion for this field, you can do it with a science subject.

After all, to get admission to Law College, one has to clear the entrance exam; The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a popular law entrance exam at the All India level. After clearing this exam, one can take admission to any law college.

7. Commercial Pilot Course

Many students dream of flying in the open sky like a bird. You can fulfill their dreams by becoming a commercial pilot.

It is one of the most highest paying courses after 12th science. After doing this course, becomes a commercial pilot.

Then they fly the passenger safely from one place to another place via airlines, so the monthly salary of a commercial pilot is around 1 to 1.5 lakhs.

One must be physically and mentally fit to do this course, even good eye light. The duration of a commercial pilot is one or two years.

Many top airlines such as Indigo, Air India, Spice Jet, Go Air, AirAsia India, Vistara, Alliance Air, Air India Express, etc., demand commercial pilots.

How to do Commercial Pilot Courses after 12th Science?

To get admission in commercial pilot courses, candidates must have qualified class 12th exams from any certified board with 55%marks from science subjects, But Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics should be compulsory subjects.

Next, take admission in flying school. There are many governments and private flying schools in India. To take admission, one has to clear three types of examinations, i.e., written test, interview, and medical check-up

Three types of certifications will be issued when the commercial pilot study is completed, first SPL [Students Pilot License], second PPL [Private Pilot License], and third CPL [Commercial Pilot License]. When these three types of certificates are issued, then you will become a commercial pilot.  

8. Physiotherapy Course

Top 10 Best Professional Courses After 12th Science

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy is four years of undergraduate courses. It is only for science stream students, but it is compulsory to have a biology subject in class 12th. Aspirants want to pursue a career in the medical field; this career option is the best for you. 

Many candidates do not know well what physiotherapy is. It is a science that helps improve movement dysfunction and promotes functions of the human body and optimal health. It includes assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and disability through physical means.

Physiotherapy focuses on physical therapy, massage, physical movement, and exercise to improve and cure injuries, deformities, and diseases.

After doing this course, one can open own clinic or work in the private or government sector. The average salary of physiotherapy is 2 to 19 LPA. If the aspirants are well experienced, then the pay will also increase.

How to do a Physiotherapy Course after 12th Science?

Firstly, must have qualified 12th examination from Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects with minimum 55℅marks. After that, the entrance examination will have to be cleared for admission in the BPT Course and college allotted according to aspirant marks.  

Different Colleges for BPT courses demanding additional Fees, ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 00,000. If you want to study further after doing this course, you can do a master’s of physiotherapy (MPT) from postgraduate. 

9. B. Tech

B. Tech is called Bachelor of technology, a four-year undergraduate engineering course, Which aspirant desires to pursue a career in computer technology, then the B. Tech course is a premium professional degree for them. 

There are many types of courses after 12th Science available in B. Tech programs such as civil engineering, computer science engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering, etc. From all these programs, one can choose any course according to his passion and interest. 

The average fees of B. Tech courses after 12th Science around five to fifteen lakh for four years. Candidates who cannot afford these fees can complete B. Tech studies from government Colleges.

The average salary of a B. Tech aspirant is about 10 thousand to 1 lakh per month.

How to get admission in B.Tech Courses after 12th Science

Get admission in B. Tech courses after 12th Science. It is necessary to qualify for class 12th exams from Physics, Chemistry, and Math subjects with a minimum of 60% marks.

Many government and private colleges have taken direct admission or through entrance examinations.

There are many entrance exams at all Indian level, I.e., JEE mains, AP EMCET, JEE Advanced, and BITSAT. 

After clearing this exam, candidates can complete their B—tech from top-level colleges in India. After removing B. Tech studies, you can do M. Tech, MBA, or MCA. 

10. Hotel Management Course

Courses after 12th Science the hotel management means managing a hotel properly and handling all activities systematically at the right time.

Even hotel management is about the management of hotels, but in today’s time, tourists from all over the world travel and explain cooperation is called hotel management.

The Bachelor of Science in hotel management is a full-time three years undergraduate course. It has a total of six semesters for those aspirants who are interested in the field of Hotels, resorts, fast food chains, restaurants, etc.

Hotel management courses after 12th Science offer lots of opportunities are increasing. There are many hotels and restaurants in India, which can get high paid salaries by doing jobs.

How to get admission to Hotel Management courses after 12th science?

Any stream candidates can get admission in hotel management courses, but it is necessary to complete class 12th exams with 50% marks and English as compulsory subjects.

When aspirants complete all the eligible criteria, the entrance exam will have to be clear to get admission to the college.

After clearing the entrance exam, college is allotted based on marks. The average fees of hotel management courses approximately one to three lakh per year.


There are top 10 professional Courses after 12th science students, who want to pursue a career in professional Courses after 12th Science, can do these courses.

Nothing any degree disproportionate, if one can do anything’s genuine interest with passion, cannot stop anyone’s becoming a successful man in life.

Rather dreams should be huge. If aspirants study well with good experience and skills, they can approach many opportunities with high salaries in the future. Not today, tomorrow, you can achieve your goals.

Through this article, you have learned about the courses after 12th Science and best career options after 12th PCM & PCB. If there is any problem related to courses after 12th Science, then you can ask by commenting.

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