A Professional Email Writing Topics in English For You 2023

 Email Writing Topics- A brilliant students always desire to write suitable format of email and create a great content needed expert’s knowledge.

So, in this notification- you will learn – email writing format in English, best examples/samples, hot topics, and important tips.

Email Writing Format in English

What is Email Writing? An Email is the synonym of a letter. It is one of the cheapest and easiest methods to composing, sending, and receiving a message through the electronic communication system.

An email makes paperless, and it can spread anywhere and any time around the world, but the correct email addresses are necessary to reach the right audience.

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Types of email writing

There are two types of email writing format in English:

  1. Formal email writing: A formal email is written for business communication or professional purpose. It is written for any government department, school authority, company, or any officers.
  2. Informal email writing: An informal email is written for personal trends or non-professional relationships. It is written for any friends, classmates, family members, neighbors, or relatives.

Format of Email Writing in English

Writing a professional email in the right sequence is very important to know the seven steps, which will help form brilliant email writing.

  • Sender’s email id

Here, the sender’s email id is written, and it is shown as ‘From.’

  • Receiver’s email id

Here, the email id of the receiver who receives the email is written. It is denoted by ‘TO.’ You can also use ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ if required.

  • Subject

It is used so that the reader will know immediately what about your email.

  • Salutation

A salutation is a greeting used in an email; usually, we use dear with the recipient’s given name. However, if the name is unknown, we use Sir or Madam.

  • Body of the email

It contains the actual message and is the first impression of your email.

The body of the email described into three subcategories;

  • Introduction [The introduction paragraph explains the purpose of the email, why you wrote the email, tries to write some catchy words to attract readers.]
  • Main Content [The main content is to include all the necessary detailed information.]
  • Conclusion [This is the last paragraph of your email and summarizes the provided information provided in it.]
  • Complimentary close

It is the last conversation of your email to express good wishes. It contains ‘Good Bye’ in general terms.

Most commonly used words in Complimentary close –

  • Your sincerely
  • Best wishes
  • All the best
  • Yours truly
  • Best regards
  • Yours respectfully
  • Sender’s details

Here the name or organization of the sender will come. If necessary, also mention the designation and contact details.

Sample Format of Email Writing in English

Writing a professional email always requires a proper format. However, this section gives you a sample of how to write a perfect email that you can understand and create valuable and effective content.

Professional Email Writing Examples

Example – Write a congratulatory email to your friend about getting a new job.

From: karan123@email.com

To: sumit878@email.com

Subject: Congratulations on your new job

Hello Sumit,

I just heard that you got a new job. I am very happy about this. Congratulation!  I know it is very difficult to get a superior position in this unemployment era.

It is especially difficult for class 12th students without any work experience. However, the zeal and hard work shown in your job search are commendable. You have motivated many other students of our school and me.

You have inspired all of us to walk on a different path. I am sure that your computer knowledge and software development will make you a humble person in the future.

In the next session, I hope that I will get a chance to hear good news from many students by being beyond you. So, fulfill all your dreams and brighten your name in this field. My best wishes are with you.



Important Tips of Email Writing Format in English

  • Write a proper greeting at the beginning of the letter.
  • Don’t use informal language when your reader expects a formal approach.
  • Your readers may not like what you like, so write a subject line to attract them and force them to open the email.
  • Always use a surname in formal email salutation. If the person’s name is Rahul Sharma, use ‘Dear Sharma.’
  • Sometimes the name of the person is not given while writing the email so that you can write Dear Sir/Madam.
  • Always write emails with a perfect greeting like – ‘i hope everything is going well.
  • Use simple and effective words and try to avoid lengthy terms.
  • Add a good blank line between the given section and paragraph.
  • Don’t make grammar and spelling mistakes that experts deny.
  • An ideal subject not be written in more than 16-18 characters.
  • Don’t make e-mail boring in the process of typing longer and more words.
  • Please don’t write the date & time in your email. Both of these are important, but it is registered automatically in your systems.
  • Most important points, It is important to include the main purpose of writing your email. Then your email gets a different value.

Marking Scheme for Email Writing Format in English

Every student has one thing in her mind, how to get full marks in email writing skills?

In such a situation, somebody’s dream is fulfilled. But, unfortunately, some don’t know how to get high marks by writing a professional email.

The marking scheme of email writing format in English grammar categories in every point has compulsory for class 5 to 12 students of CBSE, ICSE, and State board.

The marking scheme of email writing format in English is given below –

Receiver’s email ½ Mark
Subject ½ Mark
Salutation ½ Mark
Body of the email (Opening line and Closing sentence) 3 Marks
Complimentary close ½ Mark
Total 5 Mark

Professional Email Writing Topics For All Classes

You often have to write an e-mail as an exercise but don’t understand which is the best topic. Here are the best email topics out of 100 that will be no problem writing an email for school, college or office.

  • Write an email asking for a job vacancy.
  • Write a Thank You Email After an Interview.
  • Write an email to your office for five days off.
  • Write an email describing the celebration of Holi.
  • Write a formal email requesting your elder brother to buy a mobile.
  • Write an email to inform your friend about the cancellation of the CBSE class 10 exam.
  • Write an email to the city newspaper editor to complain about the increasing waste in your area.

Email Writing Practice Questions for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th

Question 1: Write an email to your younger brother Abhinav to give him the right guidance to choose the right career option after class 12th.

Question 2: Write a 60-80 word email to your teacher that lost your water bottle in the playground yesterday. You are Sonu/Soni, a student of class 9th.

FAQs: Email Writing Format in English

Q1. What is the format for email writing?

There are seven most important points of email writing format in English-

  1. Sender’s email id
  2. Receiver’s email id
  3. Subject
  4. Salutation
  5. Body of the email
  6. Complimentary close
  7. Sender’s details
Q2. How do you write an email?

Email is written for multiple purposes and consists of only two parts; formal and informal. If you are writing a formal email, use a respectful and natural tone. If you are writing an informal email, use a friendly and personal style.

Q3. What do CC and BCC mean when writing an email?

The CC stands for Carbon Copy in Email. We send the carbon copy to the second person, but the first person will know about it.

The BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. We are sending a blind carbon copy of the third person, but the first and second person will not be aware of it.

Email Writing format in English – Professional email writing skills are provided to you by experts, whether you write emails for the exam, business, or job. Apart from this, if you still have a problem writing a perfect email, then comment.

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