5 Best High Salary Courses After 12th Science PCM 2023

For a bright future, it is vital to choose the right career option in everyone’s life, which are the high salary courses after 12th science PCM.

These types of questions come to mind when cracking the 12th board examination. However, they show the other in society and friend circles.

He did this course, so today, he adopted a high-paying job, but he goes the wrong way after getting under his supervision.

Anytime a career option is selected based on skills, experiences and interest. Every sector offers high salary jobs.

If you do hard work and dedication, nothing can stop pursuing a career in higher salary programs.

ist of 5 High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCM

You will provide 5 High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCM. You can adopt any courses according to your skills and interests. These all courses offer a high salary with professional career options in future.

  • IIT [Indian Institute of Technology]
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Chartered Accountant [CA]
  • Data Science

Before adopt any high paid salary career option after 12th in India, analyzing all critical inquiries:

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1. IIT [Indian Institute of Technology]

Indian Institute of Technology or IITs is one of the high salary courses after 12th science PCM. However, it is challenging to qualify IIT course. According to this, their salary is also very high.

To join this course, you have to crack the two toughest entrance exams, JEE main and second is JEE advanced.

You are eligible for these exams after class 12th. These are conducted twice a year, and questions are asked from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects.

If you are qualifying for this exam, the engineering college is allotted based on aggregate marks. If your performance is better, then you will be assigned the best engineering colleges in India.

List of top IITians in India who get jobs in every corner of the country and their package in crores;

  • Sundar Pichai : CEO of Google
  • Arvind Kejriwal : Indian politician
  • Sachin Bansal : Co-founder of Flipkart
  • Duvvuri Subbarao : Central Banker & IAS officer.
  • Nikesh Arora: Vice Chairman of SoftBank Corp.

2. Commercial Pilot

Many students want to roam the world, but their dreams are not fulfilled, then there is a golden opportunity for them to fulfil their dreams by becoming commercial pilots.

The Commercial pilot is one of the high salary courses after 12th science PCM. To be a successful commercial pilot, and It is mandatory to exceed specific eligibility criteria;

Must have completed 10 + 2 or equivalent classes from any recognized board from PCM subjects with a minimum of 50% marks.

Your health and eyesight must be correct, as well as a citizen of India.

When satisfying all the eligibility criteria, join the flying school and aggregates three types of certificates:

1st - SPL ( Students Pilot License )

These licenses will be offered when passing written exams, interview and medical check-up.

2nd - PPL ( Private Pilot License )

These licenses will be offered when you will safely complete the seven-hour flight journey.


3rd - CPL ( Commercial Pilot License )

These licenses will be offered when you will safely complete 210 hours of flight journey.

After completing these three types of licenses, you will become a commercial pilot.

3. Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineers perform aircraft related tasks. Mainly includes the study of the aerodynamic execution of aircraft, propulsion system design and building materials. Therefore, they work with the principles, techniques and practice of flight within the atmospheric pressure.

The name of aeronautical engineers is written in 5 high salary courses after 12th Science PCM.

Those who want to pursue a career in the engineering field must have passed the class 12th examination from the science subjects with a minimum of 60% marks. Maths or Biology subjects students can also pursue a career in this field.

Next, admission in the aeronautical engineer course will be made under B—tech programs.

To get admission in B.Tech programs, you have to pass the entrance exam and get better marks. Then there will be an opportunity to increase your placement and get highly ranked colleges.

4. Chartered Accountant [CA]

High salary courses after 12th Science PCM other than engineering – Chartered Accountants is the best career options for you. It works in the field of business, finance, auditing, taxation, budget analyst and helping money arrangements. In today’s era, every industry, banker, and loan companies need to manage their accounts. In this case, they hire a CA.

Mostly chartered accountancy courses preferred by commerce streams, but Science (PCM) subjects can also pursue a career in this field.

CA the most professional and high salary courses after 12th science PCM. Pursuing a career in this field, one has to qualify for class 12th exams with a minimum of 60% marks.

Next, you have to beat the three most difficult exams:

  • CPT Exam (Common proficiency test)
  • IPCC Exam(Integrated Professional Competence Course)
  • CA Final Exam

5. Data Science

It is the high salary courses after 12th science PCM in future. Before knowing anything about data science, it is compulsory to understand data science and its work.

Data science is a deference for collecting, analyzing and interpreting vast deals of data. It is also an essential part of many traditional technical roles, inclusive mathematicians, scientists, statisticians, and system professionals.

To pursue a career in the field of data science, you need to follow this video:

After becoming a data scientist, your average salary will be around 9 to 15 lakhs per annum in India but if you work in other countries like the USA, then prescribed around $50 to 60K per annum.

It depends on your skills and experiences, as the performance is updated with the time, then the salary will also increase.

FAQs: High Salary Jobs in Science Stream

Q1. Which courses is best after 12th science with high salary?

There are 5 best courses after 12th (Science) PCM:

  • Engineering courses (IITs)
  • Commercial Pilot course
  • Merchant Navy courses
  • LLB (Bachelor of Law)
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management (BHM)

Q2. What can I do after 12th PCM for high salary?

Higher studies, continuity and consistency are the most powerful points for getting higher pay courses after 12th science PCM.

Q3. Which science course has high salary?

These 5 courses has high salary after 12th:

  • IIT [Indian Institute of Technology]
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Chartered Accountant [CA]
  • Data Science

Q4. Can PCM students become doctor?

No, PCM students cannot become a doctors, if you want to become a doctor then you will qualify class 12th exam from PCB or PCMB because Physics, Chemistry and Biology are compulsory subjects to become a doctor.

Q5. Which is better PCM or PCB?

Both, PCM or PCB are better career options, it depends on you in which field you have to intrest and positive thinking. Mainly PCM described for engineering students and PCB are medical students. If you want to choose both subjects in 12th standard, then you can do PCB but you can choose Mathematics as optional subject.

Q6. Which is the Best career options after 12th PCM for girl?

There are 5 best career options for girls after 12th (Science) PCM:

  • Banking
  • Teaching Profession
  • Company Secretary
  • Interior designing
  • Chartered Accountant


These are five high salary courses after 12th science PCM – that will offer to choose suitable career options according to your skills and interests.

It gives all courses change with complicated preparation, determination and strategy to hold high package jobs. All these courses are available for Science PCM, but some are scheduled for PCB, Arts and Commerce streams.

In today’s era, everyone runs after high-package jobs, but they do not know that every sector offers high salaries and honours.

It’s up to you how you hold any higher package courses in the list of top 5 high salary courses after 12th science PCM.

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