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letter writing format

Letter Writing Format in English Formal and Informal 2021

Letter Writing Format - Writing an effective letter is an art that everyone can write a good letter. Nowadays, although telephone, fax, e-mail, social media, and...

Advertisement Writing Format for Class 12th 2021

Advertisement Writing Format for class 12th - An advertisement is an essential part of English writing skills. It plays a unique role in English subjects. In class 11 & 12, CBSE, ICSE...
Format of Informal Letter with Best Examples

The Format of Informal Letter [ + Best Examples 2021 ]

Format of informal letter - An informal letter is the part of letter writing. It plays an important role in English writing skills. Many exams in India...
Notice Writing Format for CBSE & ICSE

Notice Writing Format & Best Topics for CBSE & ICSE 2021

Notice writing format - Notice is frequently asked in board examinations of classes 5 to 12th. Write an attractive notice. One has to know firstly, what is noticed? How to write a notice? Notice writing...
message writing format

Message Writing Format & Best Topics for All Classes 2021

The message writing formats are the same for classes 5, 6, 7, and 8. The only difference is that different class exams are a tricky question but, in reality, the same as all classes....
Notice Writing for Class 6 Format, Examples & Questions

Notice Writing for Class 6 Format & Best Examples

Notice Writing for Class 6 - The notice writing portion is an essential topic for class 6 and other classes. It is the part of grammar portions in English. Students don't know the right way...