Notice Writing for Class 6 Format & Best Examples

Notice writing portion is very essential topics for class 6 and other classes. Basically it is the part of grammar portions in English. Students don’t know the right way how to format the attractive notice and aggregate full marks in their test so, that you will be able to score better marks in your examinations.

Notice Writing for Class 6 Format, Examples & Questions

Notice Writing for Class 6

It informs a large number of people’s about any event, opening, meeting, competition and functions that is written or printed for what is happening and what will happen.

Important points of Notice Writing

  • Write notice in a box with proper format.
  • Put the Notice words in capital letter.
  • The ideal length of notice is 50 words.
  • Try to write notice indirect speech.
  • The language of notice must be simple and formal. 
  • Don’t use personal pronouns like i, me, you and we.
  • Write signature, name and designation of the person issuing the notice.
  • Don’t rewrite any words & try the present and future tense.
  • Write some effective points to create an effective notice.
  • Don’t write your personal information in the notice.

Notice Writing Format Examples

While writing the effective notice, remember the main points. If you miss any point, you will not be able to collect full marks in classes.

Notice Writing for Class 6 Format, Examples & Questions
  • Name of organization/institute or office
  • Date
  • Topics/ Heading/ Subject
  • Write the body contents
  • Signature, name and designation

Notice Writing Topics

A notice is considered for many purposes but the formatting of notice is same method in any reason. Some important notice writing topics for class 6 are given below.

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  • Lost and found
  • Seminar
  • Examination
  • Celebration
  • Excursion trip
  • Appeal/Warning
  • Donation Camp
  • Special Announcement
  • Picnic /tour /excursion

Notice Writing Questions & Answers for Class 6

Question 1.

You are Somiya/Sonu, you are head of the students union of D.A.V. Public School, Punjab. The sweet voice singing competition will be held in your school, about which a notice to be hung on the notice board of your school to inform all the students.


D.A.V. Public School, Punjab


29 January, 20XX

Sweet Voice Singing Competition

It is hereby notified to all students of our school organising the sweet voice singing competition on February 23, 20XX; Monday at 2pm. All school students of our areas participate in this programme. Interested students contact the undersigned by February 17, 20XX.


Secretary, Music Club

Question 2.

You are Priya/Prashant, Secretary of Sangam Co-op Housing Society, Hyderabad. Due to the water tank being clean, there will be no reservoir on March 16, 20XX for 4 hours (8 am to 12 pm), about which write a 50 words notice.

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Sangam Co-op Housing Society, Hyderabad


March 14, 20XX


This is to inform all the society members, There will be no water on March 16, 2021 for 4 hours (8 pm to 12 pm) for cleaning the water tank, you are requested to store water as per the requirement to reduce the difficulty.



Sangam Co-op Housing Society

Question 3.

You are the student editor of Surbhi/Sumit, Delhi Public School, Jaipur.  Draft the notice in 50 words, insert the school noticeboard to inform the students who want to write articles, poem and short stories for the school magazine.


Delhi Public School, Jaipur


10 August 20XX

Submission for School Magazine

All the students of our school are hereby informed that the school magazines are going to prepare ‘Discover’. The undersigned invites the names of those who want to give their articles, poems, short stories etc. for the magazine. Names must reach the undersigned by 13 August 20XX.


(Student Editor)

Question 4.

You are Neha/Naitik students of class VI of Adarsh ​​Public School, New Delhi. Write a 50 words notice for your school notice board about lost your water bottle on the ground.

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Adarsh ​​Public School, New Delhi


25 November 20XX

Water Bottle Lost

This is to inform all student, yesterday i have lost my red colour Milton company water bottle in the school ground during lunch time. If any one found it immediately hand over to the principal office or undersigned. He/She will be suitable rewarded.


Class 6 (Roll no. 12)

Question 5.

While coming to school, you get a black color geometry box on the school campus. Write a 50 word notice to put up on the noticeboard to inform all students of your school about geometry box and how the owner can receive from you. You are Karan/ Kajal, Janta public school, Sikkim.


Janta public school, Sikkim


17 July 20XX

A geometry box found

Found a black colour classmate company geometry box in the school campus yesterday near the tree of white rose. The owner is requested to identify and collect it from the principle office or undersigned between the 2 to 4pm.


Class 6

Notice Writing Questions for Class 6

Question 1. As Principal of Basant Public School, Maharashtra. Write a 50 words notice to informing all the students of class VI that the English examination will be held on 7 June 20XX instead of 2 June 20XX in the first term due to a strike in the city.

Question 2. You are a student of class VI of Saraswati Vidya Mandir School, Haryana. Sonata wristwatch is lost at school, write a notice in less than 50 words to inform students, the watch finder will be rewarded.

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Question 3. You are Armaan / Aarohi student of Kid Campus Public School, Tamilnadu. Your school is organizing a tour of water park Calcutta. Draft a 50 word notice on the noticeboard to inform all students who wish to participate in the tour.

Question 4. Draft a notice to be put up on the school notice board. Your school organizes a summer camp for training students in cricket, hockey and other physical game. You are sport secretary Vishakha / Vivek of central public school.

Question 5. You are Riya /Rithik, cultural secretary of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Your school is going to organize a farewell program for the eighth grade students. Draft a notice not less than 50 words informing the students about the programme.

These are the “notice writing for class 6” format, examples and questions- that will help you achieve full marks in your school examination. We hope you will understand all these about notice writing for class 6.


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