Top 10 Professional Courses after 12th Commerce in India

For a bright future, every parent and student has a dream in life, they implement your career in the professional courses after 12th commerce in India.

What to do after 12th, They are very confused and do not understand in which course he should pursue a career so that he can lead a professional life.

There are many problems but once time decides in your mind and let’s final decisions according to your skills and experiences.

Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce

The Commerce field is very popular and it is preferred by many students. Most of the students go for the commerce field to build their career in CA, CS, and in more such professional fields.

Commerce is very interesting where you can learn about the accounts, trades, business activities, exchange of goods and the chain from producer to the final customer. The most important and main subjects that study in commerce are accountants, business, and economics.

The 12th exam is very tough and full of difficulties. Students choose their stream like commerce, mathematics, biology depending on their choice. But when it comes to higher education, they get confused about choosing the best field.

This article will provide the best professional courses after 12th commerce in India.

Sometimes it is very difficult to make the right decision for the career. There are many courses and many fields that are present in the education system. But it is very important to go with your interest. Always select the field which you like and you want to make a career in.

If you select your favorite field then no one can beat your success. Select the best one for you. If you follow your passion then you can easily get success in your life and make a bright career.

Courses after 12th Commerce is a very big and vast field where you will get the chance to investigate an assortment of regions dependent on the course you select like:            

  • Finance management
  • Accounts
  • Law
  • Banking
  • Management
  • Insurance
  • Teaching
  • Decision making
  • Supervisor
  • Marketing 

Those who are worried and confused, you don’t need to worry as you will get the answer to all the questions related to courses after 12th commerce. Here we get a list of the best professional courses which can be done after 12th commerce.

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List of professional courses after 12th commerce 

Here you will get the best professional courses which can be done after 12th commerce that will boost your career. As we all know, commerce is a wide and interesting stream. After doing higher education in this field, you will get lots of options like the best professional courses which helps for the best career growth.

Some of them are listed below-  

1. B.COM

The full form of this professional course is Bachelors of Commerce. This is a very popular and most preferable course after 12th commerce. The total time required for completing the course is 3 years. It is the best option after 12th and is chosen by many students. It is also very helpful for your master’s education.  

This course is full time and those people who are not able to go to college regularly then they can do it from the Open University and make their career. It totally depends upon your choice of weather to go for a full time course or a part time course.

The subjects that are a part of this course is

  • Corporate Accounting
  • Economics
  • Tax planning/ Tax planning
  • Auditing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Company Law
  • Statistics

2. Bachelors in Economics

Bachelors in Economics are another field for choosing after 12th commerce. Those who love to learn economics concepts, economic policies, and many political concepts can choose this field and go with their interest and create a good future.

If you are interested to learn and make a career in IAS and another government exam then economic background is very helpful for you.  

3. BBA

BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) is a three-year course and is adopted by many students. It helps to build your basic core knowledge about the business.

You can get different and advanced knowledge of functional areas of the business environment. So, if you want to learn new things in the business then go for these courses after 12th commerce and explore your knowledge.

After graduation in BBA, you can choose to go for a master’s education in MBA (finance) or M.Com (finance) or MBA with specialization. It helps to give great career growth and can make you very successful.  

4. BMS

Bachelors of management studies are one of the best options for 12th commerce students. They can easily make their career in this field. The total time required to complete this course is 3 years.

In this course, you get theoretical and practical knowledge which helps to teach you the leadership skills. A decent comprehension of administrative practices and ideas can direct you to investigate the abundance of chances in the business world.

In this field you get to learn more and collect the knowledge of management, human resources, organizational theories, research methodology, etc. This course is becoming a trend now.

It is one of the most popular courses after 12th commerce, that is chosen by many students. If you have completed this course from the best and authorized institute then you create the best career in the corporate world. One can opt for this course and work in reputed organizations.

In some institutes they remanded the BBA and BMS so don’t get confused, take out the detailed information related to the course, and then take any decision.

Nowadays most universities follow the semester pattern. It is very important to collect all the details about the exam, fees, and any other information about the semester pattern. You can easily clear BMS and look for further good opportunities.  

5. Chartered Accountant

It is a very famous and well-known professional course after 12th commerce. You must have seen many people choosing this course. The CA stands for- Chartered Accountancy.

It is the best course for building a career in the commerce field. By choosing CA you will get different opportunities to make your career bright and successful in accounts.

You have the options to become a tax consultant, finance officer, advisor, and so on. You can take the field you want as per your choice. Can also set up an independent business or work in a corporate office after the course completion.

CA is very hard to do and it takes effort and lots of study. It is easy to cross the entrance level of the CA but the second exam is very difficult and hard to cross.

It is very important to show dedication during the course. This course  is perfect and full determination is the key to success.

This professional course is provided by the ICAI and the head office of this Institute is in Delhi, India. For more details you can check out their official website and get more insights on it.

6.Company Secretary

Company secretary (CS) is one of the best professional’s courses after 12th commerce. This course is authorized by the Indian Government and provided by ICSI (The institutes of company secretaries of India).

The company secretary is the one who handles all the legal acts of the company and maintains all the regulations.

After completing this course, it’s up to you as you can start your company or join a company. Both the courses CA and CS are the best for a good career growth.

7. Cost and Management Accounts

The short form of this course name is CMS and so don’t get confused while choosing this. It is provided by the authorized institute of India. It is the certified course for maintaining the cost details, account details, cost hosting, and also controlling the product costs.

You can do your own practice or you can also do a job in a public sector or any private company. The job of Cost Accountant goes past that of Financial Accountant by aiding underway activities and procedures.  

8. Certified Financial Planner

If personal finance and wealth management interests you then you opt for Certified Financial Planner course. If you are interested in building your career in finance, mutual finance, wealth management, and so on then a certified Finance planner is the best course for you. It gives you the best career growth.

If you want to become a financial planner and help people for investment and secure their life then it is the best option for you.

In order to become a Certified Financial Planner, students need to have a certification from FBSBI (Financial Planning Standards Board of India).

It is a technical course that trains commerce students in various fields. They can be trained in fields like art and science of financial training, risk management, financial advisory practices, etc.

This courses after 12th commerce has 6 modules. These modules are listed below:

  • Introduction and overview on financial planning
  • Risk analysis and insurance planning
  • Employee benefits and retirement planning
  • Estate and tax planning
  • Advanced financial planning
  • Investment Planning

9. Bachelors of Law

It is a common and popular degree courses after 12th commerce and many students select this course after 12th. Now everyone knows what is law and lawyer?

The main body that maintains the law education is The Bar Council of India. It provides the certificate of practice after the completion of LLB degree. One thing that you need to understand is that it is very important to clear all The Bar Council of India exams for practice.

The law students get the best career, name and fame for a very long time. If you do LLB from the best law institute then it increases your profile and you can easily get various opportunities.

10. Bachelors of Commerce or (Hons)

 It is similar to the Bachelor of Commerce. This is a broad structure with specialization in a specific subject or field like Accountancy, financial aspects, and so forth.

Many industries want B.Com (Hons) because (Hons) which is quite better than B.Com. All the admission criteria and processes are similar but it depends on the colleges and universities.

The subjects of this course are similar to the B.Com students but in this course you go through detailed study about the course subjects.

Here you can get all the details about the professional courses after 12th commerce. There are many beneficial courses that can be done after 12th commerce that can be a career booster.

Here is the list of the courses after 12th commerce for the creative minds depending on their interest-  

  • Those students who love photography can go for wildlife photography.
  • Some students love fashion so they should go for fashion designing
  • Some go for the hotel management

Many other fields are open for courses after 12th commerce students but it is very important to follow your passion for creating the best career.

FAQs: Best Courses after 12th Commerce

  1. What is the Best Course after 12th Commerce?There are many courses offered after 12th commerce, you can choose any course according to your passion:Bachelors of Commerce (B. Com)
    Bachelors in Economics
    Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)
    Bachelors of management studies (BMS)
    Chartered Accountant (CA)
    Company secretary (CS)
    Cost and Management Accounts (CMA)
  2. Which job has highest salary in commerce?There are many jobs in India provides high salary but here listed top 5 highest paying jobs:

    Chartered Accountant
    Company Secretary
    Financial Advisor
    Marketing Manager
    Certified Management Accountant
  3. Which courses after 12th commerce without math’s?List of top 5 courses to pursue career after 12th commerce without math:

    Bachelors of Commerce (B. Com)
    Company secretary (CS)
    Chartered Accountant (CA)
    Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)
    Cost and Management Accounts (CMA)
  4. Which is the best courses after 12th commerce with high salary?List of top 5 best courses after 12th commerce offers high salary:

    Bachelor of Commerce
    Chartered Accountant
    Company Secretary
    Bachelor in Law
    Certified Management Accountant
  5. Which is the best Diploma courses after 12th Commerce?List of top 5 best Diploma courses after 12th commerce:Diploma in Hotel Management
    Diploma in Business Management
    Diploma in Computer Application
    Diploma in Event Management
    Diploma in Banking and Finance
  6. Q. Which is the best courses after 12th commerce with math?List of top 5 best courses after 12th commerce with math:Bachelor in Banking and Insurance (BBI)
    Bachelor in Financial Market (BFM)
    Chartered Accountant (CA)
    Data Scientist
    Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)
  7. Which is the best courses after 12th commerce for girl?List of top 5 best courses after 12th commerce for girls:Company Secretary
    Air Hostess
    Bank PO
    Bachelor in Fashion Designing
    Bachelor of Legislative Law
  8. Which is the job oriented course after 12th commerce?It depends on you how to maintain studies, if you work hard on a daily basis with full dedication, then you can orient a job within one year.


These are “professional courses after 12th Commerce in India will open a wide range of options for students. So, students who are confused about their career or choosing the correct path after 12th Commerce in India can easily find a road map for their career.  

Make sure that you check every minute detail about the courses after 12th commerce that you are choosing. Also find what job and professional options are open to you after completing the course.

Students who are stuck with their career options can easily get all the needed course details that would benefit them. If you want to pursue a career in the field of professional courses after 12th commerce in India.

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